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The Quality expertise of Eurolinks is particularly based on a thorough knowledge of the specifications that govern the technical definition of the links that we manufacture, as well as their level of quality, resulting from clearly established manufacturing and inspection methods... Participants, from the very beginning, in panel discussions for developing the definitions of various kinds of links, we have always worked closely with manufacturers, designers of ammunition and weapon systems as well as with the French, German, Dutch or international official bodies such as NATO. As a result of these several years of cooperation and our participation in multiple test campaigns, we now have the most elaborate collection of technical documents of the profession, reflecting these developments and their progress. This exceptional collection not only pertains to the products themselves but also to the related specifications defining their production and control. All the drawings used by the company, whether they refer to the designs of the links, verification instruments or our production tools, are digitised and managed using an Electronic Data Management software... Constantly updating and maintaining a record of the past developments and the information on the reasons that led to these successive developments, Eurolinks today is positioned as a leading authority on links and is even approached by State organisations, under the authority of several defence ministries, for its technical expertise.

Quality basically involves control over the inspection of manufactured products throughout the production line, using inspection instruments officially defined by the technical authorities governing the design of weapon systems and the corresponding links. With more than 2000 regularly calibrated verification instruments, we are the only links manufacturer capable of inspecting them using the means and instruments originally defined by their designers.. A number of our links are inspected using SPC tools to ensure perfect control over production and the manufacturing methods. RAQ-2 certified by the technical departments of the French Ministry of Defence since 1978 and then ISO 9001 in the early 2000's (following the 2008 repository, since 2010), the company is also proud to be qualified by several clients for the production and supply of specific types of links. Our M13 and M9 links are also certified by the U.S. Army, which in turn helps us to deliver these models to our American clients as part of the small caliber ammunition second source acquisition program. Here is yet another achievement which will continue to distinguish Eurolinks from its competitors for a very long time...