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Set up in 1955 by the grandfather of the present managers, the SIPR (Spécialisation Industrielle Philippe Rossi) very quickly focused on the exclusive manufacturing of links for ammunition using the know-how that it had already mastered in the context of various other manufacturing processes, especially the ring binders, which represented the main production of the company in the 50's and the early 60's. The company, already a supplier to the Ministry of Defence (gas mask boxes, deep drawn meal trays, etc.), has been approached for the supply of links to compensate for an inadequate production of good-quality products in a market that continues to grow with the Indo-Chinese and Algerian conflicts...

As a result of being the newest entrant in this market, it benefits from production technologies that are more modern and efficient than those of its competitors. Already innovative in terms of management, the company very quickly established itself as the no. 1 supplier of links in France and was thus able to expand its range of products as per the client requirements, while simultaneously stopping the other production processes to exclusively specialise in the manufacturing of links.

This policy of specialisation and the exceptional performances that this policy has helped to offer our clients have gradually led SIPR to remain the only French producer of links since the beginning of the 80's... Developing a policy of intelligent cooperation with our Dutch associates of MFT, based on the range of links that are relatively complementary as well as cross contracting and exchange programmes, SIPR was able to negotiate, without much difficulty, the difficult turn of events at the end of the cold war that led to a reduction in the arms budgets in the early 90's with its series of restructuring plans for the manufacturers of arms and ammunition... Manufacturing increasing volumes of links by subcontracting on behalf of MFT from the mid-90's, our Dutch partners, who wish to focus on industrial sectors other than arms, have proposed that we acquire all their tangible and intangible assets relating to the production of links. The transaction was carried out in July 2001. Since then, after transferring all the MFT equipment to Marseille to combine it with our own installations on the old site on Boulevard Richard, SIPR, which became EUROLINKS in the meantime, continues to develop and invest in order to steadily shift its focus onto new horizons...