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Company presentation
Loyalty, experience and dynamism are the key words that characterise our company and the philosophy that guides our actions. Business and production are tremendously demanding activities that face numerous challenges... A short-term vision cannot lead to high performance... This is why, far from trying to increase our financial performance at all costs, we place our long-term vision and the decisions that it entails at the core of our corporate strategy and action. Whether it concerns our clients, collaborators or suppliers, we endeavour to put into practice these cardinal virtues in order to offer a high-performing functional product.

Loyalty : Even after sixty years of providing service, we still feel just as privileged by the confidence that our clients, who so very regularly entrust us with their orders, show in us. We strive to be worthy of this confidence every single day. Loyalty, openness, transparency, as well as standing by all commitments given and promises made, are the cornerstones of our approach towards our partners ever since the company was created in 1955. These values naturally apply not only to our relationships with our clients, but also to all our employees. The performance of an organisation largely depends on the quality, stability and motivation of its collaborators. We implement an active policy of training and continuous improvement of the skills of our executives and employees, who can all reach their potential in a human-sized organisation. To keep the teams stable and involved, our employees are provided with effective tools of motivation that encourage their commitment and dynamism. Finally, we would not be able provide a high level of performance if we could not count on a network of suppliers- partners, patiently selected over several years, who thanks to the quality of their supplies and its consistency, greatly contribute towards guaranteeing the performance and quality of our products. Far from seeking short-term gains, we would prefer a long-term partnership approach in this domain like in the others, which aims at developing win-win relationships.

Experience : No other link manufacturer in the world can boast of an experience gathered over nearly 60 years of manufacturing these products. We have added the knowledge and know-how of our MFT Dutch associates to the vast experience of SIPR-EUROLINKS. We acquired their link manufacturing business in 2001, in order to strengthen a set of skills, talents and production equipment dedicated to the exclusive production of links at our site in Marseilles.

Dynamism : Although armament is a relatively stable industry, we do everything possible to continue developing our dynamism with our constantly growing ISO certifications, well beyond guaranteeing the manufacturing of compliant products, which constitute a management and good governance standard that guides us towards continuous improvement of our processes, while respecting environmental constraints. While on the constant look out for new opportunities for our production know-how, we are also involved in several new projects that aim to launch the manufacturing of link models which were not yet a part of our range of products...

                                                                                                                                                                                            Jean-Luc BONELLI, CEO

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